One of CJRTec’s main products, clicker presses, are not just good for industrial use like manufacturing shoe soles, car interiors, bags and such. Our clicker press can also function as a card cutting machine, perfect for making business cards, jigsaw puzzles, PVC IDs and invitation cards among others. We offer a wide selection of die cutting machines for card making that you can choose from to help you with your production. Our industrial paper cutter is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, being its parts outsourced from all over America, Asia and Europe.

a blank pvc ID card with clip

Our electronic die cutting machine is offered at a competitive price, complete with 1-year warranty as well as after-sales services. Not sure what machine to purchase? We can arrange a product demonstration for you, should you so desire. Just drop us a line, and our capable agents are more than ready to answer any questions and concerns that you may have.

jigsaw puzzle with anime design
2 calling cards with gray background color